• Spirit FC

    Spirit FC

    Spirit FC are the elite football arm of GHFA and play in the Football NSW NPL Mens 2 Competition. Read More
  • Skills Aquisition Program (SAP)

    Skills Aquisition Program (SAP)

    GHFA runs Skills Acquisition Program (SAP) for Age Group Under 9 to Under 12. Under the Guidance of Football NSW, SAP provides a clear, professionally delivered development opportunity for young footballers in NSW. Read More
  • Coaching Resources

    Coaching Resources

    Coaches at all levels play a crucial role in ensuring that football is an enjoyable experience for everyone, as well as laying the foundation for the development of better players. Read More
  • Association Youth League

    Association Youth League

    The Association Youth League provides players an opportunity to play & train at a higher level, forming a link between Club football and Spirit FC. Read More
  • GHFA Academy

    GHFA Academy

    The GHFA Academies provide structured training for local Club players that complements their participation at Club level. The Academy is for players in Under 8 to Under 12. Read More
  • GHFA Competitions

    GHFA Competitions

    GHFA provides local competition for all ages, from Under 6 through to Over 45s. The GHFA Premier League provides elite quality football for local players and fans. Read More
  • Small Sided Football

    Small Sided Football

    Small Sided Football, or MiniRoos, is non-competitive football for the U6 to U11 age groups, played with modified rules on smaller fields to engage young players in skills development and maximising fun and enjoyment. Read More
  • Special Needs Football

    Special Needs Football

    Special Needs Football for children with intellectual disabilities. Under the FNSW Football4All program, children have fun and enjoy the benefits of a team sport environment. Read More
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If you are interested in taking up refereeing, visit the Gladesville Hornsby Football Referees Association (GHFRA) website for details of training courses to be held in early 2018

12 reasons to become a referee:

1. Help your local club & community
Refereeing is a great way to support your local football club and allow kids and adults alike to play football.

2. There’s plenty of work
There is always room for more referees, whether it is officiating winter football or being part of the continued growth in Summer Football and Local Futsal. Football needs you!

3. Be paid whilst enjoying the sport you love
Get outside and be a match official. Earn money by taking the centre or sideline at a local ground near you.

4. Be part of a team
Learn to work together as being part of a team, either on the field with your fellow match officials or off the field with your local Referee Branch.

5. Meet new people and make friends
There are over 5000 football referees in New South Wales with lots of opportunities to meet each other at events such as State Titles, Champion of Champions, and the State Cups.

6. It’s safe
GHFRA provides lots of support to its referees and they are also supported by the GHFA judiciary. Plus the risk of injury whilst refereeing is much less than playing, and you’ll run just as much!

7. Keep healthy and fit
An added benefit of working as a referee each week is the fitness you’ll gain

8. Keep enjoying the sport you love
If you’ve ended your time playing the beautiful game, refereeing can be the next logical step to continue actively participating in football. Stay fit and healthy with a whistle in hand and give back to the sport that you love.

9. Gain life skills
Refereeing teaches you important life skills, such as conflict resolution, discipline, confidence. The skills learnt will be utilised at school, university or work.

10. Improve your knowledge of the game
Understanding all the Laws of the Game will help you in other aspects of football – whether it be as a fan, player, coach, or volunteer.

11. Build management & communication skills
Effective communication and management skills is an important part of everyday life. As a referee you will learn to successfully apply these skills on and off then field.

12. You can make a profession out of it
If you find that officiating is something you’d like to pursue further, there is a clear pathway to become a professional referee, especially now that the Hyundai A-League employs fulltime refs.

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