Information Handbook 2017

You may download a copy of the GHFA Information Handbook 2017

1. Closing Dates:

  1. Registrations 31 May 2017 at 4pm
  2. Transfers 31 May 2017
  3. Down-gradings To be completed before 4th competition game

2. Senior Registrations
No contracted players shall be permitted to register for GHFA.

3. Team Sheets:
PL, SL and Div 1 teams
In 2017, electronic matchsheets will be compulsory for these competitions. Both teams are required to have their teamsheets marked as “complete” and to confirm the other team’s teamsheet in the system 5 mins prior to kick-off.

Other competitions:
The manager of the team first mentioned in the draw is responsible for advising the visiting team if they are using electronic or paper team sheets. If using electronic matchsheets, both teams are required to have their teamsheets marked as “complete” and to confirm the other team’s teamsheet in the system 5 mins prior to kick-off.

If using paper teamsheets, the manager of the team first mentioned in the draw is responsible for supplying the team sheet for both teams:

  1. Completing their team’s details
  2. Handing it to the opposition manager for completion
  3. Then handing the team sheet to the Referee 5 minutes before the match.

For all competitions:

  1. In Under 12 to All Age including Premier League & Super League ONLY sixteen (16) players are permitted on the team sheet in accordance with By-Law 8.
  2. Over 35 and Over 45 ONLY eighteen (18) players are permitted on the team sheet in accordance with By-Law 8.

4. Photo IDs as issued by the Association are compulsory and MUST be used for all competition games in accordance with By-Law 8.5. These can be in the form of electronic teamsheet photos or printed photo sheets.

5. Responsibility of Team Managers:

  1. For competitions other than PL, SL and Div 1, the home team manager needs to advise the visiting team as to whether they will be using electronic or paper team sheets
  2. If using electronic teamsheets, both team managers must complete their teamsheet prior to the match so that the opposing team manager can confirm. All relevant information must be included, including any upgraded players. At the completion of the game, both team managers must enter the scores.
  3. If using paper teamsheets, the home team manager must ensure that he/she has obtained from his/her Club a copy of the team sheet for that day’s game prior to attending at the game.
  4. The home team manager must complete his/her section of the team sheet with all relevant information including any upgraded players. Upgraded players MUST be written in the appropriate place on the team sheet. The home team manager must then give the sheet to the opposition manager at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled kick off time. The opposition manager must then complete his/her side of the sheet. The home team manager MUST give the team sheet to the referee at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled kick off time.
  5. Check the opposition’s Photo IDs prior to kick off by lining teams up and checking opposition Photo IDs.
  6. Be responsible for his/her team’s players and spectators.
  7. If using paper teamsheets, sign the official team sheet at the completion of the game to confirm that the correct score has been recorded and note any send off codes.
  8. All managers should check each Thursday the games that are uncovered by the referees (not all games can be covered). This will allow plenty of time for managers to organise someone to referee half of the game. The link to the referees association website is on our website then go to the Referee uncovered games link.
  9. All managers should check each Thursday the website to make sure of the venue and time of the game in case it has been necessary for the Association to make any alteration. Any late changes on Friday will be notified to the relevant Clubs.

6. Ground Marshall:
At each ground or complex, a “Ground Marshall” MUST be provided by the Club who has the responsibility for that area. The Ground Marshall must wear an orange “Official” jacket so that he/she is easily recognisable. Persons acting as Ground Marshalls can change at any time during the day.

The Duties of the Ground Marshall are –

  • Control of the ground
  • To be a point of contact on the day
  • Offer any advice or guidance but must not get involved in any fracas which may occur
  • Report to his/her Club on any incidents which occurred while he/she was acting as Ground Marshall. Clubs to report any such incidents to GHFA by 10.00am on the Monday following the games.

7. Football sizes:

a) Under 6 to Under 9 - Size 3
b) Under 10 to Under 13 - Size 4
c) Under 14 to All Age - Size 5

8. Duration of Matches:

Shall be two equal periods of:

  • Under 6 to Under 9: 20 minutes
  • Under 10 to Under 12: 25 minutes
  • Under 13 to Under 14: 30 minutes
  • Under 15 to Under 16: 35 minutes
  • Under 17 to All Age: 45 minutes
  • Premier/Super League: 45 minutes
  • Over 35 to Over 45: 45 minutes

Separated by a half-time of 5 minutes duration.

9. Delays to Commencement of the Game:
If the commencement of any game is delayed, the game shall be shortened to a time that will allow the following game to commence on time irrespective of whether an official referee controls the game or not. This shall not apply to the 1.00pm and 3.00pm games which shall be played as per By-Law 18 (2). Both halves shall be of equal duration.

10. Blood Rule:

  1. The referee must order from the field of play any player who has incurred a bleeding injury that, in the opinion of the referee, represents a health risk to other players.
  2. A player who has been ordered from the field of play by the referee in accordance with (a) and has received treatment to the bleeding injury and in the opinion of the referee no longer represents a health risk to other players, may at the sole discretion of the referee re-enter the field.

11. Disciplinary Matters: All send offs, citings etc will be dealt with in line with the GHFA Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations– these regulations can be found on the GHFA Website.

12. Yellow Cards: When the Association has received 4 or 6 yellow cards for any player, that players Club will be notified of the suspension of that player. A match suspension will only be recognised AFTER notification is given to the players Club by the Association.

13. Results: Clubs shall deliver results in the format requested by the Association

14 Playing Strips:

  1. All teams MUST wear their Club’s registered strip in all games except when required to change as per the Strip Clash Register. No team is permitted to wear a previous or different strip.
  2. Alternate Strip MUST only be worn when required as per the Strip Clash Register. This is an ‘alternate’ strip NOT an ‘away’ strip.
  3. No player or team is permitted by GHFA to have personal names printed anywhere on the playing strip. The only items permitted on the back of the shirt are the number and sponsor logo.
  4. In Under 12s up, all shirts MUST have unduplicated numbers and MUST correspond with the names filled out on the team sheet.

15. Sponsorship patches may only be used on playing strip as follows:

  1. A patch not exceeding 450 cm2 (21cm x 21cm) shall be permitted on the front of shirts.
  2. A patch not exceeding 300cm2 (15cm x 20cm) and a maximum height of 15cm on the rear of shirts (2cm below shirt number).
  3. A patch not exceeding 100cm2 (10cm x 10cm) shall be permitted on each sleeve of shirts.
  4. A patch not exceeding 100cm2 (10cm x 10cm) shall be permitted on the front-side of each leg of shorts.

16. Club Championship:
Open to all Clubs with 10 or more competition teams, providing 2 of the 10 teams are All Age. The Club Championship shall be decided as follows –

Total number of competition points for –

  • First Division teams shall be multiplied by 3
  • Second Division teams shall be multiplied by 2
  • Third Division teams and any lower Division teams shall be multiplied by 1
  • Super League 1 First Grade teams shall be multiplied by 3
  • Super League 1 Reserve Grade teams shall be multiplied by 2
  • Super League 2 First Grade teams shall be multiplied by 2
  • Super League 2 Reserve Grade teams shall be multiplied by 1

The total number of points after the above calculations shall then be divided by the total number of teams for that particular Club. The Club with the highest average will be declared Club Champions.

17. Bill Plaskett Trophy:
Awarded to the outstanding 1st Division team in the competition.

The winner will be:

  1. An undefeated Team, but if two or more teams are undefeated, then
  2. The Team with the most number of wins or draws, but if two or more teams are equal on this point, then
  3. The Team with superior goal average .

18 Keith Hillman Trophy: Awarded to the best defensive Under 13 team.

If a club is aware in advance that a team will be forfeiting a match, details need to be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to 4pm Fridays.

If a club becomes aware of forfeits after that time, the information must be sent by text to the GHFA Hotline No: 0477 80 80 33. This is particularly important for competitive age groups to ensure any referees appointed to the games are advised.

As a courtesy to the other club, clubs should make direct contact with the opposition club where a late forfeit will occur. All club contacts are listed in the information book.


If wet weather threatens to impact weekend games, and if a majority of grounds are closed by Councils on Friday, GHFA will advise clubs by COB Friday that the round is cancelled and post a message on the GHFA website and Facebook pages. Clubs must assume matches are on unless advised to the contrary.

Should there be rain overnight on Friday or over the weekend, clubs are responsible for assessing their fields and determining if matches proceed (although note that some Councils may make this decision).
Should grounds be closed, clubs must text the [Club name] [Field name] to the GHFA hotline no:

0477 80 80 33

Clubs can monitor Council grounds on their websites (linked to the wet weather page on GHFA website) or by calling the numbers below:

Council wet weather lines -
Ryde Council - 9952 8244
Hornsby Council - 9847 6764
Hills Shire Council - 9843 0354
Parramatta Council - 9294 8586

Council Wet Weather Links

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Spectator Code of Behaviour

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GHFA Strip Clashes

GHFA Constitution

GHFA By-Laws

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Ray Guff presented FNSW Award

FNSW 100x100

Ray Guff, long serving member of Holy Cross College Soccer Club has been honoured at the FNSW State Dinner held last Friday 7 November at Rosehill Gardens. In a gala evening honouring members of the FNSW community, interspersed with spectacular entertainment, Ray was presented with the FNSW State Award for 2015 in recognition of his "outstanding service rendered to the promotion and development of football in the State of New South Wales".

Read more: Ray Guff presented FNSW Award

New GM for GHFA

GHFA logo 100x100

GHFA is pleased to welcome their new General Manager, Mark Lockie.

Mark comes to GHFA with many years experience in leading and managing membership based sporting associations including

  • Project Manager of the Australian University Games
  • General Manager, Sport and Recreation, University of NSW
  • Director, Sport and Physical Recreation, University of Melbourne
  • Manager, Games Services and Sports Programs, Australian Olympic Committee
  • CEO, Australian Yachting Federation.

    Read more: New GM for GHFA

Premiership & Championship Winners

GHFA logo 100x100

Congratulations to all the winners of the Championship Finals last weekend. The list of winners and runner's up in each grade can be found in the attached. Premier League and Super League Championship Finals and Championship Finals will held this week.

Premiers & Championship Finalists 2015 V5 

GHFA Club Championship, Bill Plaskett and Keith Hillman Trophy Winners

GHFA logo 100x100




GHFA is pleased to announce the winner of the GHFA Club Championship for 2015 is Kenthurst and District SC. In a close competition, Kenthurst & District SC narrowly edged out Gladesville Ravens SC.

Full Club Championship Table 2015

The winner of the Bill Plaskett Trophy for 2015 was West Pennant Hills-Cherrybrook Under 17/1.

The winner of the Keith Hillman Under 13 Best Defensive Trophy was North Ryde SC Under 13/2.

Congratulations to each of these winners.






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