This is the second year of the GHFA Respect program. This is an ongoing journey to change to culture in Football to a consistently positive and rewarding one. We are aiming to emphasise that, while winning is important as a measure of achievement; it is not the only measure out there. Setting your own goals and achieving them can be just as fulfilling for teams and individuals.

The Fundamental Aim of the RESPECT program is:

To encourage Respect to:

  • The match officials, without whom the game would be much less enjoyable
  • The opposition, without whom there would be no game
  • The laws, which keep the game fair and safe
  • Yourself, set yourself standards and stick to them no matter what anyone else does

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General information and background

Information for Players

Information for Coaches

Information for Managers

Guidelines for Clubs and Players for GPT 2017

Information for Parents

FFA Spectator Code of Behaviour

FFA Code of Conduct

Let Kids be Kids Program


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